Fishing Charter FAQ


Additional passengers add $50 per person, but limitations apply.  50% deposit required at time of booking. 

Our boat capacity is limited by on board activities and passenger size.

Seasickness:  Meds should be taken well in advance of your trip 

if you are prone to this. 

Know that we have many options to seek calmer waters and 

will do so accordingly. 

We know that it's not fun to be miserable and feel 

trapped on a boat!

Things to bring

 Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Favorite rod/reel/lures flies. Foul weather gear tops and bottoms, LIGHT colored soled footwear ONLY Sunglasses, Hat, Leave a cooler for your catch in your car if desired.
Please Pre rig fly rods BEFORE trip. 

Leave rod tubes and socks in car.

We run a ZERO tolerance vessel. Do not bring any drugs on board. PERIOD. 

Know that marijuana penalties out on the water are SEVERE and are 

different on federal waters.


 We reserve right to use photographs taken on trip. 

Posting fishing pictures on the internet is encouraged and tagging our charter sevice is appreciated. 

We expect however, that you will do your best to not reveal our exact spots.

Payment methods & Tipping

 Personal check or cash.  Paypal, and credit card thru paypal available .


It is usual & customary to give your fishing guide a tip. 

Normal range is $50-$100 and split between people on board.  


If you must 

Please give 1 week notice to change or cancel a fishing charter aboard our fishing boat


 Tricky subject, as weather patterns have become unpredictable.

normally we will decide 6pm the night before the trip. 

Rain and temperature are tolerated. High Winds and or lightning is not. Sometimes we decide at the dock as the weather is NOT always as reported Cancellation will be at the 

Captain's discretion.  

We will ALWAYS err on the 

side of safety.